Anonymous vows to silence jihadist websites in Charlie Hebdo revenge

Hacker collective Anonymous has threatened to eradicate jihadists from the web in response to the Charlie Hebdo attack which a masked spokesperson called an” inhuman assault”.

A French video, accompanied with a press release published on PasteBin, saw the group declare war on "al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and other terrorists”.

A spokesperson wearing the iconic Guy Fawkes mask widely associated with the movement vowed to close all the social network accounts of those supporting terrorist networks.

It read: “Freedom of expression has suffered an inhuman assault. Terrorists broke into the premises of the newspaper and coldly shot several designers and journalists and two policemen.

“Freedom of the press is a fundamental principle of democratic countries; freedom of opinion, expression and to publish articles without threat. Expect a massive frontal reaction from us because the struggle for the defence of those freedoms is the foundation of our movement.”

The video has been viewed over 210,000 times since it was launched on Thursday 8 January.

Last November, Anonymous hackers took control of America’s leading KKK Twitter account after its owner said the account would not be brought down by “brought down by low-lives behind a screen".