The Drum introduces new awards identities to create cohesive branding

The Drum has overhauled the look of its awards portfolio, including Digital Trading and Social Buzz, to create a more cohesive feel across it's brand extensions.

Designed by Stand creative director Stuart Gilmour, who created the initial logo for The Drum almost 20 years ago, the idea for the new logos was triggered by co-founders Gordon Young and Nick Creed, alongside awards managing director Lynn Lester, who felt the various awards had evolved into their own brands without a real connection – something the trio wanted to enforce.

“We thought it was about time we gave all of our award identities a refresh,” commented Lester. “We were conscious that some of the existing branding was slightly confusing and often misled people into not realising some events were actually organised and owned by The Drum itself.”

The brief handed to Stand was to continue to allow the existing logos to have their own personality but to still clearly link back to show a close affinity to The Drum, a request Gilmour admitted was something of a challenge.

“It was quite difficult to get the balance right,” he said. “Ultimately what we did was to produce a kind of shell that used the typographic palette of The Drum core and then built everything around that. It was about making sure we could get The Drum name into each of the sub brands but not allow The Drum to dominate whatever the sub brand happened to be.”

“It was quite an interesting project,” he continued. “We had to deal with such a large number of sub brands that were so disparate. Initially it was quite difficult to pin that down and distil it in to something that allows those strong personalities but still feel part of a bigger family.”

The resulting design maintains The Drum’s original logo, which has the feeling of “jungle drums and reverberating lines of communication”, but introduces a wide-ranging colour palette to preserve individual identity.

Going forward the “punchy and simple” approach means any new awards that may arise at The Drum will quickly and easily be branded with a cohesive logo.

“We are delighted with the amazing work Stand has done here,” added Lester. “The vibrancy and personality of the logos now fits much closer with the energy and personality of our awards."

Among one of the first awards to launch with the new logo is The Drum Digital Trading Awards, which has returned for the second year running in association with AppNexus.

Deadline for entry closes on 13 February, with the ceremony set to take place on 29 April in central London. Find out more here.