Specsavers Annual Review 2014 Ads

The best and worst ads of 2014, according to The Drum readers – featuring John Lewis and Cadbury


By The Drum Team, Editorial

January 5, 2015 | 3 min read

From emotional ads making us misty-eyed to animals doing funny things, last year's crop of commercials has already been reviewed in The Drum's New Year Honours, but we wanted to see what our readers thought.

While some commercials hit the spot for their bold ideas, humour or narrative, others stick in the mind for the wrong reasons.

As we kick off a new working year, The Drum decided to poll its readers to find out which ads they loved – and hated – most in 2014. We then pulled together two compilations of the work that floated readers' boats and the spots that failed to hit the spot.

The results are in, and in some instances they have been divisive. McVitie's and Cadbury, for example, both featured in the top three of both lists, highlighting that their creative has both delighted and failed to impress.

Elsewhere, however, clear trends emerged. Three out of the top four best adverts involve animals, with John Lewis' Monty the Penguin leaving readers misty-eyed and taking the top slot.

Perfume ads performed poorly, with Hugo Boss and Chanel both appearing in the 'worst of' list, and Cadbury's Unwrapping Joy campaign, featuring Keith Lemon, was named number one worst.

Check out the best and worst in our compilation videos below. Please note these are the views of readers, not The Drum itself.

Best ads of 2014, according to readers of The Drum

  1. John Lewis – 'Monty the Penguin'
  2. McVitie's – 'Sweeet'
  3. Cadbury – 'Unwrap Joy'
  4. Three – 'Sing it Kitty'
  5. Sainsbury's – 'Christmas is for Sharing'
  6. Snickers – 'Mr Bean Kung Fu'
  7. Lurpak – 'Be Wonderful and Wise'
  8. Cravendale – 'Barry the Biscuit Boy'
  9. Specsavers – 'Workout'
  10. Jaguar – 'It's Good to be Bad'

Worst ads of 2014, according to readers of The Drum

  1. Cadbury – 'Unwrap Joy'
  2. Aviva – 'Lord and Lady Brassick'
  3. McVitie's – 'Sweet'
  4. Hugo Boss – 'Man of Today'
  5. Moneysupermarket - 'Epic Elephunk'
  6. Muller – 'Mullerlicious'
  7. Wrigley's Extra – 'Break up with Lingering Food'
  8. Bleu de Chanel – 'The Film'
  9. O2 – 'Be More Dog'
  10. Iceland – Peter Andre

Do you agree? Let us know which ads of 2014 you loved or hated in the comments section below, or by tweeting us.

Specsavers Annual Review 2014 Ads

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