Sony compensates gamers affected by Christmas hack with discounts and membership extensions

Sony has turned to gifts and discounts in an attempt to win around disgruntled gamers affected by a hack which saw the PlayStation Network go down over Christmas.

Both Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation networks were taken down on Christmas day by a group calling themselves Lizard Squad.

The problems at Sony – which predominantly meant that downloaded games could not be played and prevented gamers from competing against others online – continued on Boxing Day before being resolved on 27 December.

To compensate users, Eric Lempel, vice president at Sony Network Entertainment, said in a blog post that gamers with a membership or free trial which began on 25 December will automatically have it extended for five days at some point in the coming month.

In addition, there is also a 10 per cent discount on offer across the PlayStation Store to all users, whether or not they were affected by the attack.

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