Apple reopens in Russia with sharp ruble-related price hitch

Apple has made a not-so-triumphant return to the Russian market, with consumers now able to pick up goods again – for a price.

The Californian firm dropped out of the country after the ruble suffered a crash as a result of US sanctions upon the nation in addition to the plummeting value of oil – one of the nation’s top exports.

This resulting in Apple last week admitting it was looking at restructuring its pricing plan to continue operating in the region.

With the Apple store now opened again Apple enthusiasts may find themselves paying as much as 53,990 rubles (£635) for a 16GB iPhone6 which cost 39,900 rubles (£470) before the crash, marking around a 35 per cent price hitch.

As a result of the ruble crash Apple would have lost money selling in the region – furthermore savvy consumers could have taken advantage of the high value of the pound against the ruble by bagging themselves a cheap Russian handset.

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