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2014 saw 60 journalists deaths with 28% of moralities occurring in Syria

Freelance reporter James Foley

A minimum of 60 media workers were killed globally in 2014, with the Middle East proving to be the most-volatile region, according to the Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ).

The watchdog, which released its annual mortality report on Tuesday, said that almost half of the reporter and media worker deaths occurred in the Middle East region.

Syria saw the demise of 17 reporters as a result of the violent civil war between pro-Assad forces and rebels. Meanwhile five reporters each died in Iraq and Ukraine.

An additional four workers died as a result of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Furthermore, Afghanistan and Pakistan saw an additional three mortalities each.

The below pie chart shows the proportion of deaths among media roles.

This is followed by a gender chart mapping how many males and females died.

Morbidly, 2014 represented a better year for reporters, as 2013 saw 70 reporter deaths.

The highest profile fatality may have been the beheading of James Foley by Isis in a video which went viral before it was banned by governments and social media sites internationally.

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