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Impressionist Alistair McGowan voices a trio of Protect Your Bubble insurance ads


By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

December 22, 2014 | 3 min read

Insurance firm Protect Your Bubble has enlisted the aid of impressionist Alistair McGowan for a series of three TV commercials.

Bubble protects gadgets and bicycles

Big Eyes created the campaign to raise awareness of the firm’s gadget and bicycle insurance products, using a bubble character with a gruff Welsh accent.

Alvise Avati, animation director at Partizan who has previously worked on the movies Avatar, King Kong and Transformers, animated the bubble mascot.

The two 30-second gadget and bicycle ads, and an additional 10-second gadget advert, will incorporate the hashtag #BubbleIt to encourage viewers to engage with the brand on social media.

James Keehan, head of marketing at Protect Your Bubble, said: “We wanted our latest TV campaign to get the message across, in a fun and eye-catching way, that protecting your valuables makes good financial sense. Let’s face it, insurance isn’t the most exciting subject matter in the world, so the argument for buying it has to be compellingly and cleverly conveyed in a very short timeframe.

“We think Big Eyes' masterminds, with a little help from Alistair McGowan, have done just that.”

Oliver Lewis-Barclay, managing director of Big Eyes, said: “The campaign dramatises the trouble phones and bikes can get into. The hero of the campaign is Bubble who floats around spotting hapless phones and bikes in dangerous situations and saves them.

“His character is that of an ageing Welsh security guard, obsessed with health and safety and staying well away from the edge of things. He’s a bit gruff on the outside, but an avuncular softy on the inside. To bring him to life we hired one of TV’s best and most adaptable voice artists, Alistair McGowan.”

Protect Your Bubble News UK

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