Monsoon blends in-store and online data to power ‘omnichannel personalisation’

Fashion brand Monsoon is blending in-store and online customer data to deliver personalised offers via email, a technique it claims makes it the first high street retailer to push “omnichannel personalisation’ through the channel.

The company hopes to foster a single view of Monsoon Accessorize customers by raising the likelihood of product recommendations being purchased.

Customers’ in-store and online purchasing habits are analysed by omnichannel platform RichRelevance before being served personalised recommendations through emailed receipts. The mechanic, which has been developed by eReceipts, uses a variety of shopper metrics such as online behaviour and items in baskets to target offers.

While Monsoon already has insights into shopper behaviour through reward card data, it can now push offers to a broader group by identifying additional customers at the checkout and linking them to their transactions.

It is the next step in Monsoon’s push to create a seamless experience between its bricks and mortar stores and online channels, which is already seen it introduce targeted offers on its site.

A Monsoon spokesman said: “While relevant and targeted offers have been common place for online customers, the development of our multichannel emailed receipts solution marks a significant industry first and ensures our customers will benefit from product recommendations.”

Around 90 per cent of Monsoon Accessorize’s transactions take in place in-store and the business wants to increase the number of data capture opportunities it can mine from the channel.

Additionally, it hopes to drive more business online, promising customers a better, personalised experience. Part of this shift will be powered by branded content, which the business believes has the potential to create a Red Bull-style positioning around its brand. To spearhead the move, the retailer has pivoted recent campaigns around editorial content and how posts can best be served online, on mobile and through social networks.