By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

December 18, 2014 | 2 min read

Wikipedia has released its first ever annual review video, creating a summary of 2014's highs and lows using fully-free content uploaded to the site by contributors.

The three-minute video, commissioned by the Wikimedia Foundation, the small non-profit responsible for administrating Wikipedia, took viewers on a trip which included the Fifa World Cup, the Indian general elections, the Ice Bucket Challenge and Ebola in West Africa.

The internet encyclopaedia launched the clip, composed of freely-licensed images, videos and music to best encompass the spirit of collaboration and selflessness shown by its supporters and contributors.

Victor Grigas, who developed the Wikimedia Foundation’s summary, said: “We had to get creative to make this happen, we couldn’t just throw money at it. This video was made with everyday tools: a computer, an internet connection, lots of deep, patient thinking, research and collaboration, and the free content that ordinary people uploaded to Wikipedia.”

Katherine Maher, chief communications officer of the Wikimedia Foundation, added: “Wikipedia reflects the world around us. With each new event, it changes and grows, accommodating our human triumphs and losses. It is the largest collaborative knowledge project in human history, and it is made possible by even the tiniest of contributions from people around the world.

“You will see many amazing freely licensed images in the video - beautiful photographs of monuments, recordings of major world events from citizen journalists.”

You can check out Facebook’s summary and also YouTube’s top videos on the respective links.

Wikimedia Annual Review 2014 Creative Commons

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