Strike! Ads Metropolitan Police

London police targeted in guerrilla campaign hijacking Clear Channel ads


By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

December 15, 2014 | 4 min read

A guerrilla activist group has erected a series of print ads in London accusing the Metropolitan Police of racism, prejudice and of causing the 2011 riots.

Police cordoned off the ads until they were removed

Clear Channel ad fixtures in the capital were hijacked by activists who opened the fixtures and inserted their own authentic-looking ads featuring the branding of the Metropolitan police.

The ads were designed by Strike! Magazine, although the publication denied responsibility for their distribution.

One ad, posted outside of New Scotland Yard, said: “You’re 28 times more likely to be stopped and searched in London if you don’t have white skin, because we’re still really racist.”

A second read: “We caused the 2011 riots by shooting dead an unarmed civilian and then lying about it. And we got away with it.”

And a third read: “We’ve pointlessly targeted cannabis users in Lewisham, while other people legally drink their drugs.”

Strike! Magazine also claimed that officers were stopping the public from taking pictures of the ads, and were confiscating smartphones.

Clear Channel told i100: "On Sunday 14th December, we received information that some of our sites had been accessed and the advertising had been replaced by posters from an activist group.

"Our operations team are attending the sites throughout the night and are re-posting the advertising, in line with our standard practice."

The ads were shared online by social media users using #ACAB, an acronym for 'all coppers are bastards'.

Strike! Ads Metropolitan Police

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