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The Drum

Thinkbox's Harvey the Dog falls in love in his last ad

Harvey the dog has returned for his third and final advert for Thinkbox, this time using TV advertising to persuade his owner to let the love of his life, a poodle called Harmony, come live with them.

The dog has previously turned to TV advertising to get adopted in 2010 and to persuade his owner to keep an old toy in 2012.

Created by The Red Brick Road, with media planning by MediaCom, the ad is set to Glenn Medeiros’s iconic 1987 hit ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You’.

The video played by Harvey shows the love story between the two dogs, showing them speed-dating, going to the cinema, doing yoga, going on the ultimate canine date to the Natural History Museum (and stealing a dinosaur bone), enjoying a sunlit picnic, and Harmony posing for Harvey as he paints her portrait.

Andrew MacGillivray, Thinkbox’s marketing director, said: “Harvey has really struck a chord with both the general public and the advertising industry. He’s been amazing at reminding people of the power of TV advertising and, at its heart, emotional story-telling. It’s great to have him back in a new ad – and in love. ”

The ad will premiere on UK broadcast TV on Boxing Day.