High visibility brand Proviz shows difference between being seen and not in interactive experience

High visibility sports brand Proviz has created an interactive experience, Out of the Dark, with Caviar Digital and AMV BBDO.

The experience uses film, interaction and sound design to highlight the difference between being seen and not seen at night.

Showing a cyclist riding home from work, the video invites the viewer to click on screen to see what the cyclist looks like when using a Proviz Rrflect360 jacket and when they are not, with different experiences happening for both.

Proviz co-founder Anthony Langly-Smith commented: “We hope viewers will play around with the video and share it with friends and family so that as many cyclists as possible are aware of the safety benefits of wearing highly reflective gear at night.”

For every jacket purchased off the back of the film, Proviz will donate £5 to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

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