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Peta decries milk drinkers with banned sexually-charged ‘Don’t Swallow’ billboard

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has come under fire for an ad showing a shocked women, drenched in sexually-suggestive misty liquid, urging viewers not to drink milk.

The ad issued a milk warning to viewers

The billboard which informs by-passers that "Some Bodily Fluids Are Bad for You. Don't Swallow. Ditch Dairy" was erected in Nottingham last week.

Mimi Bekhechi, the director of Peta, said: “Peta's billboard is a cheeky way to alert passers-by to the dangers of drinking cows' milk.”

“Dairy products wreak havoc on human health, and the dairy industry's routine cruelty to cows, who are used as nothing more than milk machines, should persuade anyone not to swallow products made with cows' milk.”

The evocative billboard was removed from its site outside Notts County FC's stadium last Thursday after complaints were issued to billboard owner Space Outdoors.

The faux-pornographic content was deemed unsuitable for kids, according to the BBC. Furthermore, the ASA confirmed it had received nine complaints.

Despite the setback, Peta will replace the ad with a "If you wouldn't eat your dog, why eat a turkey?" billboard later this week.

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