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The Drum

Harvey the dog returns for final Thinkbox ad

Harvey the dog has returned to TV screens in his last ad for Thinkbox, to tell the world that he is in love.

Created by The Red Brick Road, the new TV ad will premiere on broadcast TV on Boxing Day and will introduce viewers to the love of Harvey’s life.

Andrew MacGillivray, Thinkbox’s marketing director, said: “Harvey has been a fantastic ambassador for Thinkbox, striking a chord with both the general public and the ad industry. We’ve witnessed the incredible effects of TV advertising first hand.

“Thinkbox will carry on advertising on TV but we always had in mind that we wanted to complete Harvey’s story at some point. Now feels like the right time and there’s no better way to leave him than in love.”

This is the third ad starring the dog, following 2010’s ‘Dog’s Home’ and 2012’s ‘Harvey & Rabbit’ (below)

The new TV ad will be screened across a variety of broadcast and on-demand TV channels represented by Thinkbox’s shareholders and their partner channels.