Young Innovator Nominee: Nitya Noronha, Isobar

Nitya Noronha, Isobar

Nitya Noronha

Current gig: senior experience designer, Isobar

Why she is nominated: Nitya Noronha is a Senior Experience Designer at Isobar, responsible for developing and implementing multi-channel interactive experience solutions for clients. She creates personas, journeys, scenarios, wireframes, prototypes, workflows, interaction and experiences models and functional specifications. She utilizes unique design and prototyping tools to develop and implement design solutions for her top tier clients.

Prior to Isobar, while working for her Masters, Nitya was a research assistant at the Georgia Institute of Technology, working on the Aware Home Initiative. Prior to that, she was a Rapid Prototyping Intern at Humana where she designed, prototyped and tested different technology solutions aimed at encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle.

While at Georgia Tech, she won four separate awards in their Convergence Innovation Competition – one of the only people to win multiple awards in one year. She took three awards home in 2012 and one in 2013.

During her time at Isobar, Nitya has been a true innovator for both her clients and the company. Not only has she provided innovative solutions to help solve complex client problems, she has also taken her interest in innovation a step further by working on internal projects for the betterment of Isobar, the industry and women in tech.

Using the Microsoft Holoens and the IoT, she designed and built a prototype of a Holographic application that uses the IoT to interact with real world objects. For example, gestures triggered physical objects to change their state, like the toggle of a switch.

Collaboration and furthering the future of women in innovation is also very dear to Nitya. This year she mentored Isobar’s summer interns. Together they used the HTC Vive to build 4D experiences where they controlled not only what the device wearer saw, but also what they felt. For example, if there was wind where they were in the headset, they had programmed the fans to speed up and the same with heat/humidity.

In addition, Nitya will be working with the Chicago Public School system this fall to bring new technologies, such as the Hololens, to young women to bring them closer to innovation. Nitya’s dedication to innovation is apparent in every aspect of her life. She is constantly looking for unique ways to be innovative for her clients, her company, future generations and for herself. She’s an inspiration to many other young innovators and truly embodies the essence of innovation.

The Young Innovator Award celebrates excellence and innovation by young professionals. See the other nominees and their backgrounds and check back to learn who has won this prestigious honor from The Advertising Club of New York and Google, with support from The Drum.

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