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Young Innovator Nominee: Connor Blakley, YouthLogic

Young Innovator Award

Connor Blakley

Current gig: founder and CEO, YouthLogic

Why he is nominated: Connor started his first marketing company at the age of 14 with no help from his parents. In a year and a half he grew it to helping over 50 medium-sized businesses with their online presence (Social Media). A year ago I connected with Connor after my assistant saw a video of him speaking. I was immediately impressed and needed to meet him. When we first connected, he blew me away.

A year ago, Connor told me he wanted to take his company and his brand to the next level and I had no doubt he would get there. Connor now runs YouthLogic, he serves as a Fortune 500 Youth Marketing Strategist and speaker at only the age of 17. Another thing that impresses me most about Connor is that he is not known for his age, he is known for the unique knowledge/value he brings, and he just so happens to be so young. There is a reason StartUpGrind named him "The #1 High School Entrepreneur to Watch in 2016" and the fact INC called him a "business phenom and tycoon" and "The #2 Youth Marketer in 2016" or how Forbes referenced him as "the future of the marketing industry" and a "youth marketing expert."

He has spoken on stages with the best of the best, worked with the biggest companies in the world, and managed to get some of the worlds best innovators not only as mentors, but as friends. This is all within the last 12 months. Connor continues to not only blow my mind, but also his clients, his mentors, and his family. He also contributes at publications like Forbes, Fortune, among many others.

The Young Innovator Award celebrates excellence and innovation by young professionals. See the other nominees and their backgrounds and check back to learn who has won this prestigious honor from The Advertising Club of New York and Google, with support from The Drum.

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