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Half of UK and US Facebook users claim to use the site less often


By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

November 26, 2014 | 3 min read

Half of UK and US Facebook users reported they use the social network less frequently than they used to according to research from GlobalWebIndex.

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Facebook users are claiming they use the site less often

The study of 41,823 adults between the ages of 16 and 64 found that 45 per cent of respondents claimed the site is less interesting than it used to be, a further 37 per cent said they are bored with it and 18 per cent said it is no longer cool.

Despite Facebook's market dominance, growing its overall user base by two per cent this year, it was the only major social network which saw a drop in active 16-24 users (0.5 per cent) during 2014.

Outside of China, the firm boasts that 80 per cent of internet users have a Facebook account. Half that figure accesses the site at least once a month.

The report said: “In the last few months, it’s been common to see reports which attack Facebook and which claim that it’s losing its relevance and popularity. Although there’s no easier way to grab attention and headlines, this simply isn’t true.

“The fact remains that no other social network can currently offer a comparable reach, no other social network has such consistent popularity across countries and no other social network is integrated so comprehensively within the infrastructure of the internet (e.g. via “like” buttons).

“Behind Facebook, there are three platforms which compete for second position: YouTube, Twitter and Google+” but the social network leads by an appreciable distance."

Facebook relaunched its Atlas ad platform in September meaning it can target its users on other sites without having to rely upon cookies.

The report praised the platform’s monetisation potential, adding: “[Atlas] represents a significant leap-forward in terms of mobile tracking in particular.”

Facebook GlobalWebIndex Technology

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