Black Friday/Cyber Monday: More men to shop in-store while laptop is top purchasing platform

More men are expected to shop instore this coming Black Friday (28 November) while most consumers are expected to hold off and shop on Cyber Monday this year, according to research released by Nielsen.

The research, which was made up of data collected from 1,150 respondents from a general population sample of those over the age of 18, revealed that more women (60 per cent) would shop on Cyber Monday as opposed to half of male respondents.

Just over half (52 per cent) said they planned to shop on Black Friday, but more men (53 per cent) than women (50 per cent) said they would shop instore on that day.

Laptops were expected to be the most popular device for online shopping (89 per cent) followed by smartphone and tablet - both at 33 per cent each.

On Black Friday, the most popular destinations are predicted to be department stores (56 per cent), discount stores or mass merchandisers (55 per cent), electronic stores (49 per cent), online (40 per cent) and toy stores (26 per cent).

The five items most consumers were expected to purchase on Black Friday will be apparel (58 per cent), consumer electronics (52 per cent), video games/consoles (45 per cent), gift cards (36 per cent) and toys (34 per cent).

It was also found that more than half (56 per cent) of shoppers planned to spend between $100-$500 on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with 30 per cent expected to spend $250-$500 on Black Friday.

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