By John McCarthy, Opinion editor

November 20, 2014 | 2 min read

HBJ Property has started using drone-recorded footage to showcase the views and architecture of some of its up-for-sale properties.

In a move recognising the importance of the technology, the firm has started using drones to shoot footage of homes. Most recently it released a one minute video of a house in West Linton boasting aerial footage.

As a result of the drone’s unique footage-gathering capabilities, HBJ Property said the video received over a third more viewers than a typical property of that size and value.

Ben Di Rollo, head of property sales at HBJ Property, said: “We decided to develop the idea of using video drones in response to our research which shows that many sales of large or premium homes are to non-local buyers.

“The advantage of using drones for the aerial footage is that it enables viewers to appreciate the full depth, space and beauty of a property and its surrounding area, in a way that photos alone are not able to. This, combined with professional indoor photography and text, creates a cost-effective way of ‘escorting’ potential buyers around the property before they have physically set foot in it.”

He added that such technology could make it possible for overseas buyers to make a property purchase without ever physically visiting the location.

Drones are becoming increasingly used in the UK, with Amazon currently on the hunt for a 'flight operations engineer’ to oversee its Prime delivery drones at its research and development base in Cambridge.


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