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British Airways and VisitBritain team to explore unexpected attractions

British Airways has teamed with VisitBritain for a digital campaign with the aim to promote the more unexpected attractions of England, Scotland and Wales.

The campaign begins with a series of short videos created by BBH London, which look like they are for traditional tourist attractions but are anything but. The first of these (above) is about a red bus – which is not the traditional London bus.

Other videos will introduce ‘Big Ben’, a knowledgeable London cab driver named Ben who takes you on a culinary tour, ‘The Castle’ where viewers will have a glimpse of the football rituals that avid fans embark upon before a home game, and 'High Tea', where a father and son sip the beverage after hill climbing in Manchester.

SEO will be used so that people searching for the traditional tourist attractions will instead be served by the British Airways and Visit Britain ads.