Which calls for greater vetting of broadband ad speed claims

By John Glenday | Reporter

November 17, 2014 | 2 min read

Which is urging a clampdown on broadband advert speed claims which bend the truth to make their services more appealing.

At present providers can publicise a headline speed for their services even if as few as 10 per cent of customers can expect to benefit from such speeds in practice, luring many in who could otherwise have gone elsewhere for improved service.

A survey conducted by the consumer watchdog found that a quarter of broadband users would have selected an alternate provider if they had been informed of the actual speeds they would receive.

Overall 88 per cent of respondents judged speed the deciding factor in subscription decisions but just five per cent felt this attribute was advertised in a clear manner. In response it is calling for an industry review and launched a broadband speed guarantee campaign.

Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which, said: “Internet connection is now an essential part of modern life so it beggars belief that providers can sell people short by advertising speeds that only 10 per cent of customers could receive.

"We want advertising watchdogs to pull the plug on confusing adverts and ensure broadband providers show the speeds the majority of customers will actually get."


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