Anonymous hijacks KKK's Twitter account hours after it claimed it would never be 'brought down by low-lives behind a screen'

Hacking collective Anonymous has taken control of America’s Ku Klux Klan Twitter account after launching #OpKKK - designed to erase the organisation's means of communication through social channels.

‘@KuKluxKlanUSA’ is now under Anonymous control, with the account’s ‘about’ section stating: “Under anon control as of 16 NOV 2014 09:11:47. You should've expected us” and featuring a new logo.

The hackers took action following a dispute with the organisation over protests at Ferguson, Missouri following the death of teenager Michael Brown.

The final tweet from the actual owner of the account, posted on Sunday, read: “We are continuing to read Anonymous threats with much amusement. Still no action taken. #Cowards #HoodsON”

Following this, the hackers took control of the page and tweeted: “16 NOV 2014 09:11:47. You should've expected us. #OpKKK continues to be a success. Freedom will prevail.”

Making things worse, the Klan baited the hackers on Sunday, saying it would never be brought down by “low-lives behind a screen”.

Those now running the account which has 3,941 followers, significantly less than before the page-takeover, said they would issue a statement on Tuesday.

Furthermore, the perpetrators of #OpKKK reminded viewers that it conducted the cyber-attack to end racism.

In a later statement Anonymous dubbed the organisation a ‘homegrown terrorist group’ adding that it was prompted into action by threats of ‘lethal force’ made by KKK members against demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri, where a state of emergency has been declared ahead of a jury decision into the shooting of a black teenager by police.

The statement read: “With warning, Anonymous took control of what was believed as the official Ku Klix Klan Twitter account. Before going any further we’d like to address our idea of freedom. After exposing Klan members and seizing the Klan’s websites and Twitter accounts, Anonymous members received much criticism regarding freedom. Anonymous stands for freedom, so why should we strip someone of his/her freedom of speech?

“The Ku Klux Klan is a terrorist group. The blood of thousands of human beings are on Klansmen. In most of aAnonymous’ members eyes the KKK no longer has the right to express their racist, bigoted opinions.”