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Uber launches in third UK city: Leeds

Uber has rolled out its car hire app in Leeds, making it the third city in the UK where users can book and pay for cab rides through the app.

Following on from London and Manchester, those in Leeds will be able to request a taxi by downloading the app and pressing to request a car, with phone GPS being used to track the user’s location.

When waiting for the taxi, the user can see the driver’s photo, name and car registration, as well as being able to see the car’s progress to the pick-up point in real-time.

Entering the destination will allow the users to see the estimated cost of the journey, with the fare paid through the traveller’s debit or credit card online.

"Leeds is a city embracing technology and we view it as a natural fit for launching Uber," said Tom Elvidge, general manager for Uber Leeds. "Today, we’re able to respond to consumers with a safe, affordable and reliable addition to the transportation system in this city, all at the touch of a button."

London taxi drivers held a protest against Uber earlier this year, asking for the app service to be de-regulated.