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The Drum

Piccadilly Lights screen opens to brand bids following TDK expiration

London's Piccadilly Lights is a UK outdoor hotspot

The iconic Piccadilly Lights LED screen is now available to brands following the expiry of a 14-year partnership with TDK.

Land Securities, the firm which owns the property, has outsourced the pursuit of a brand replacement to outdoor advertising consultancy Wildstone. The 101.3m² space is now available for the first time since 1990, after it previously played host to the likes of Schweppes, BP, Cinzano, Fujifilm and Kodak.

The full motion screen will command a sizable rent following an estimation from the firm that the Piccadilly Circus hosts two million commuters every week.

Damian Cox, chief executive of Wildstone, said: "We are incredibly excited about finding a new brand for this screen at the heart of Piccadilly Lights, one of the most famous advertising sites on the planet.

“While it feels like the end of an era to see TDK leave the site, we expect a number of world famous brands will jump at the opportunity to claim the site as their own, possibly for decades to come.”

Vasiliki Arvaniti, portfolio manager of Land Securities London, added: “Piccadilly Lights is a unique and exciting asset within our Central London portfolio and one which we’re continually investing in, for example through the installation of innovative new LED screen space at the end of last year.

“Opportunities to advertise only come along now and again, so we look forward to finding out which brand will be the next to, quite literally, see its name in lights.”

Last December, the Piccadilly Lights space was upgraded with the addition of an LED screen, this is now available to brands in the latest auction.