Connected suitcase company Bluesmart picks Dynamo PR to promote smart product range

New York-based Bluesmart, a company that produces smart, app-controlled suitcases, has picked Dynamo PR to help boost its profile.

The deal marks the first client win for Dynamo's newly created wearable tech and smart home division.

The new arm will focus on the latest connected consumer technology products and launches from around the world.

The team has also signed several other companies to further expand the division, including Digitsole - an interactive insole that combines the functions of a smart watch with heating capabilities; and Atlanta-based LightFreq, a multi-functioning light bulb with a built-in audio speaker.

Dynamo has appointed Ellen Powell-Chandler, who formerly worked at Burson-Marsteller on Sony Mobile, to lead the new team.

She explained: "Our homes and lives are becoming more connected. Different industries, whether it is technology, design or fashion, are battling to help us live and work smarter. Consumers are increasingly wearing fitness trackers and expecting their smartphone to be able to control their home. As the industry heats up, companies need to have a trusted team that know the space inside out and understand how these products and services are transforming lives.”

The Bluesmart suitcase gives consumers the ability to lock, unlock, weigh and track it via a smartphone and also incorporates a built-in battery charger to charge devices on the go as well as syncing to travel services to provide reports, notifications and packing tips.