Victoria’s Secret makes ‘Perfect Body’ U-turn following backlash

Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has renamed its controversial ‘Perfect Body’ campaign after 26,000 people signed a petition which labelled the promotion as ‘irresponsible marketing’.

Now the underwear firm has renamed its campaign ‘A Body for Everybody’ as it moves to end the criticism which threatened to overshadow its Christmas build-up.

Frances Black, a student activist behind the petition, said: “We are absolutely overjoyed by the news that Victoria's Secret has changed the wording on their website from 'The Perfect 'Body'' to 'A Body For Everybody'. We feel that this change reflects a more inclusive and healthy message."

The fracas follows ongoing concern at the use of skinny models in the fashion and retail industry, with TopShop recently finding itself in the firing line for its use of size 10 store mannequins.