Nestle apologies for 'Crunched' Mexican students tweet after shameful chocolate bar promotion

Nestle is on the receiving end of a Twitter backlash after its Mexican 'Crunch' chocolate account compared the candy to the disappearance - and murder - of 43 student teachers from Iguala.

The tweet referred to the probable murder of the students in September - to which three cartel members admitted to burning in a rubbish dump - a crime which has shaken the nation.

The below tweet, which was quickly deleted after being posted at 12.01am on Sunday, suggested that the missing students were ‘Crunched’ in an attempt to promote the candy bar of the same name, according to the Latin Times.

Following the message, Nestle took to Twitter to condemn and apologise for the message, spending most of Monday responding individually to outraged tweets.

The statement said, via Google translate: “We share your concern and [that of] the public. That message is totally contrary to the values of our company.”

Further tweets said: “We’re sorry for the content which was recently published and wish to apologize to our community,” followed by “We’d like to express our solidarity with the families of Ayotzinapa and we extend this to the brand which were part of that bad joke".

Following the tweet, Mario Vera, vice president of communications told CNN Mexico that the firm was investigating the source of the comment, to find whether it came from within the company - or externally.

Vera added: “Once we know what happened, we will take action. We are extremely sorry."