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Spotify is not the ‘bad guy’ as it provides artists revenue when YouTube does not - says Adele’s manager

Adele’s manger, Jonathan Dickens, has rallied behind Spotify music-streaming service, which he called the “the future” of the industry “whether people like it or not”.

Jonathan Dickens has managed Adele to worldwide acclaim

Speaking at the Web Summit conference in Dublin on Thursday, Dickens who managed Adele to both the top selling album and single of 2011, said that Spotify had been vilified by artists.

He made the comments in response to Taylor Swift abandoning the Spotify earlier this week amid claims she was not making enough money, according to the Guardian.

Dickens said: “Personally, I think streaming’s the future, whether people like it or not, but I don’t believe one size necessarily fits all with streaming.

“Spotify has always been pictured as the bad guy in this, but the biggest music streamer out there is YouTube.”

He added that it is remarkably easy to find unofficial streams of Taylor Swift’s new album on the site - for which she would receive no revenue in the slightest.

Dicken’s concluded that if enough people get on board with Spotify Premium, artists could see a more substantial share of that revenue.

A report in August from youth insights consultancy Voxburner found that 83 per cent of 18-24 year olds were more likely to turn to YouTube rather than Spotify, presenting a significant problem for the music-streaming firm.

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