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Government pledges to boost UK mobile coverage

The UK government has set out measures to improve the poor mobile coverage that presently afflicts a fifth of the UK by launching a consultation on service improvements, a key plank of its long term economic plan.

Many rural areas have been disparagingly dubbed ‘partial not-spots’ due to mobile users suffering from dropped calls and connectivity issues arising from low signal strength.

Such problems arise as though most areas tend to be served by some, but not all, mobile networks meaning anyone on the wrong service is out of luck if wishing to make a call.

Culture secretary Sajid Javid has threatened to look at legislative means of improving coverage from all of the big four networks, EE, O2, Three and Vodafone, if a consultation on the matter fails to reach voluntary consensus.

Javid said: “I’m determined to ensure the UK has world-class mobile phone coverage as investment in infrastructure will help drive this Government’s long-term economic plan.

“It can’t be right that in a fifth of the UK, people cannot use their phones to make a call. The Government isn’t prepared to let that situation continue.”