'Brief Encounters' speakers share snapshot of what to expect at The Drum's new business conference

Next Tuesday (11 November) industry experts from brands and agencies are set to gather for The Drum’s ‘Brief Encounters – New Business, New Relationships, True Love’ conference to explore a number of new business insights.

Specially created for professionals looking to improve their business performance the one-day event will see experts including Nick Bailey, chief executive officer and executive creative director at Isobar; Lawrence Weber and Hannah Matthews, Karmarama’s managing partner innovation and managing partner respecitvely, take the stage to share insights and experience.

Business enablement specialist at Xero, Chloe Kyrke-Smith and Parker Inc author Michael Parker will also share their expertise on a number of critical topics.

To give you a flavour of what to expect we caught up with some ‘Brief Encounters – New Business, New Relationships, True Love’ speakers to find out, in their own words, what you can expect from their sessions.

What purchasers can learn from marketers and vice versa

Glenda McBride, purchasing lead – communications, marketing and professional services, Oxfam

Two heads are better than one; the marketers know what they want for their budget, the creative idea, the industry talking and the chemistry with the agency team. The purchaser knows the risks, the challenges on quality, pitfalls of the industry, and how to deal with all that daunting legal stuff.

Together this allows for the playing of ‘good cop, bad cop’ when recruiting, setting up, managing or terminating an agency relationship – the perfect combination.

At ‘Brief Encounters – New Business, New Relationships, True Love’ I'll be discussing all that needs to be planned, the roles and responsibilities of who does what and what needs to be agrreed for successful business relationships.

Steve Antoniewicz – managing director, Recommended Agencies and Adam Morghem – marketing director, UK commercial, RSA Insurance will also feature in this panel session.

How can NLP be used within new business?

Andy Moug – sales and marketing director, NLP Soft Skills

NLP is the science of how the brain codes learning and experience. This coding affects all of our communication and behaviour. It also affects how we learn and how we experience the world around us. NLP can help us to understand how we communicate (internally, with ourselves, and externally, with others).

At ‘Brief Encounters – New Business, New Relationships, True Love’ I'll be exploring how NLP can be used in several ways in new business including building rapport with potential new customers quickly and efficiently; maintaining motivation and positivity; overcoming stress; goal setting; improving questioning technique through the use of the meta model and the use of eye accessing cues to understand what is really going on with clients.

Accelerate your growth! Stop trading time for money and losing profit

Jason Swenk – digital-preneur, Jasonswenk.com

Join me as I share how to quicken your sales process while increasing cash flow and profitability.

Did you know the smarter you get, the less money you’ll make? If you keep charging the same amount you’ve always charged you’ll end up losing money in the long run.

But don’t worry, at ‘Brief Encounters – New Business, New Relationships, True Love’ I’m going to help professionals see where they’re going wrong, and how to fix it.

More information about ‘Brief Encounters – New Business, New Relationships, True Love’ can be found on the dedicated microsite along with the day’s full agenda, speakers list and ticketing information.

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