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Gamergate victim urges publishers and industry to condemn movement


By John Glenday | Reporter

October 30, 2014 | 2 min read

Video game developer Zoe Quinn has called on publishers and others to make their voices heard and publicly condemn the Gamergate movement, after being forced from her home following a series of death threats.

Quinn has found herself at the epicentre of the amorphous campaign which is at once a call to improve ethics in journalism whilst also serving as a platform for misogynistic hate.

Speaking to the BBC Quinn exhorted publishers to say that: “GamerGate, and what it's been doing, is wrong".

"The fact that so much of the responsibility is offloaded to the people most harmed by it, when somebody in a much safer position than I am can stand up and condemn it... it's frustrating."

The furore erupted after an ex-boyfriend of Quinn posted a blog post detailing their relationship and making false accusations that Quinn had pursued a relationship with a journalist at gaming website Kotaku to obtain favourable reviews for her work.

The fracas has prompted developers such as Ubisoft and US trade group the Entertainment Software Association to issue bland statements affirming that harassment and threatening behaviour is ‘wrong’ but Quinn believes these do not go far enough.

Gamergate General News Market Research

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