Tumblr acknowledges video growth with autoplay ad introduction

Tumblr has followed in Facebook’s footsteps by today introducing a video autoplay feature in an attempt to reposition the brand to acknowledge the growth of video content on the photo-sharing site.

Making the announcement last week during the Yahoo Q2 earnings call, chief executive Marissa Mayer cited Tumblr as one of the company’s success stories, after it grew 40 per cent from 300m to 428m users with mobile usage rising by 50 per cent.

Mayer said: “Today, more than 260 of the world’s top brands not only have a presence on Tumblr, but also advertise and spend on the platform, and that number grows every day. We anticipate making more than $100m in revenue in 2015.”

Responding to Mayer’s statement, David Karp, the founder of Tumblr told Fortune: “I hope we blow past [$100m in 2015], We have known for a while one of the biggest opportunities to innovate is in video. It feels like the tech around video is just in an amazing spot right now.”

The comment comes as Tumblr reports video is the fastest growing medium on the site, with the autoplay also extending to its many sponsored ads. Karp added, that Tumblr will give advertisers the story-telling tools they need to get noticed.

Earlier this year, Yahoo rolled out Tumblr's sponsored post ads across the search giant's services in a move described by Yahoo's Mike Kerns, as "the most substantive integration between the two companies" since its acquisition of the picture-sharing site.