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The Drum

Video game industry calls for an end to polarising ‘Gamergate’ controversy

Gamers are calling on both sides in the increasingly bitter ‘Gamergate’ controversy to bury the hatchet amidst fears that the fall-out from the affair risks seriously undermining the industry.

It comes as leading advertisers including Intel and Adobe come under pressure to end their relationship with Gamergate supporters to end their relationship with websites accused of being on the wrong side of the debate.

This has seen sites such as Gawker and Wired come under coordinated attack with Intel forced to pull advertising from gaming site Gamasutra as a result of the pressure.

Critics of the campaign say it has been co-opted by a virulently misogynistic element culminating in the widely publicised threat to shoot feminist cultural critic Anita Sarkeesian if she went ahead with a University talk, forcing her to pull out.

The wider Gamergate movement has become a crucible for discontent with people humping on board to campaign on issues as diverse as corruption of journalists and racism.