Facebook to allow anonymous posts via ‘Rooms’ app

Facebook has conceded defeat in its battle to resist user demands to be allowed to make anonymous posts by creating ‘Rooms’, a corner of the social media platform where members can discuss sensitive issues in private.

The new functionality takes the form of a standalone mobile app for iOS where individual ‘rooms’, consisting of photos and posts on a single topic, can be set up. Individuals can then be invited to join the group.

Facebook product manager Josh Miller said: "There is a good reason in a lot of situations why you don't want people to know who you are and it's not because of something sketchy. We want to give people flexibility because that's what they want."

It marks a sharp about turn in the social media giant’s stance which has hitherto demanded that all 1bn of its users register their real names when signing up – justifying this on the grounds that people are safer when they are more open with personal information.

The rise of anonymous platforms such as Ello may have forced Facebook’s hand however.

Android and desktop versions of the app are still in development.