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Unruly 'guarantees' viewability of premium video impressions as it partners with Index Exchange


By Stephen Lepitak, -

October 23, 2014 | 2 min read

Unruly has partnered with Index Exchange – a division of Casale Media – to create the programmatic media trading desk, UnrulyX, which will allow advertisers to purchase video inventory from publishers.

The platform will guarantee viewability of premium video impressions through real time bidding (RTB) and will be integrated directly into premium publisher platforms in order to relay native video adverts into homepage newsfeeds and content streams, using Unruly's ViewPlay technology.

The winning bidder will be notified through UnrulyX when a video player is directly viewable for three continuous seconds.

Rowena Johnson, global digital director at MediaCom, described the platform as "very welcome" and explained that the buying of premium video inventory at scale in "safe well lit environments" was critical for clients.

"The UnrulyX offering is strong because it exceeds IAB and MRC standards on viewability. This is particularly attractive on mobile devices, where such a large number of TV-averse Gen Y audiences are watching video," added Johnson.

Unruly CEO, Scott Button, explained: “We’ve been methodically building a full programmatic stack from the ground up for the last two years, aiming squarely at the holy trinity of mobile, video and native.

"Launching our own proprietary RTB trading platform means we can increase transparency and trust for advertisers on key issues such as viewability, brand safety and audience integrity.”

The company has also partnered with Integral Ad Science in a bid to heighten brand safety, as well as working with Moat in order to validate video viewability.

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