Nokia mobile is dead as Microsoft Lumia rises from the rebrand ashes

Microsoft has finally put the Nokia mobile branding to bed, with ‘Microsoft Lumia’ set to take prominence on future devices, according to a post from Nokia France.

The computing firm, which purchased Nokia’s struggling devices and services department in April this year for $7.2bn, has been releasing smartphones under the lengthy ‘Windows Phone Nokia Lumia’ branding - now future models will simply be called the Microsoft Lumia.

The Facebook post said: “In the coming days, you will receive a Facebook message regarding the change of name of this page. We are on the verge of becoming "Microsoft Lumia! Stay-tuned for more soon.”

Earlier this year a memo leaked that the computing giant was planning to rebrand as “Microsoft Mobile” but this conflicts with a more recent report from the Verge which confirmed that existing Nokia social media sites will be rebranded as Microsoft Lumia.