IAB Creative Showcase winners for September 2014: Red Bee Media for BBC One, Mr President's Cats Save Tigers and E3 for the Royal Navy

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October 21, 2014 | 6 min read

The winners of the IAB Creative Showcase for September 2014 have been announced with first place awarded to Red Bee Media for its BBC One work promoting the new Doctor Who.

Coming in second this month was Mr President and its 'Cats Save Tigers' campaign for Greenpeace.

Third place was awarded to E3 and its work to reinvigorate the Royal Navy for a millennial audience.

Entries are accepted for the showcase each month from agencies across the UK, with further information available to view on the IAB website.

First Place: Red Bee Media - BBC One 'Doctor Who - The new Doctor lands'

Red Bee Media was tasked with launching the new series of Doctor Who in a novel and engaging way, ensuring everyone around the UK and the world was excited about the arrival of the new Doctor.

A new Doctor meant a new look, tone and feel to the campaign. Unlike previous campaigns, this was an opportunity to be darker, edgier and more cinematic.

Along with a TV launch with teasers, countdowns and an epic trailer Red Bee Media also wanted to engage people in non-traditional channels and give the launch of this massive global brand a suitably blockbuster feel and impact.

A YouTube masthead banner was created, targeting both fans and non-fans alike. A rich and engaging online game in which the player gets to control the Tardis and try to land it on earth to reveal exclusive content was also launched.

The gameplay had three endings based on how good you were at controlling the Tardis through the vortex. Lose control quickly and you spin out of the vortex. Survive 25 seconds you land on another planet. Revealing some of the exclusive content with a padlock incentivising fans to unlock the full exclusive content by replaying the game.

If you successfully complete the mission the out of control Tardis crash lands in Parliament Square, London and the full exclusive content from the show is revealed.

This synced in with an unexpected live event on the same day. When Red Bee Media crash-landed the Tardis in Parliament Square, and Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman made a surprise public appearance to delight fans. This provided a seamless link between the online creative and the real world.

At the same time, in Stansted airport Red Bee Media had the arrivals board reprogrammed so that the information directly linked to the crashed Tardis.

The YouTube game had over 29 million impressions across YouTube Desktop and mobile versions. 8.74 per cent interaction rate (far exceeding YouTube’s benchmark of 2.18 per cent). Over 74,000 hours of Display time (achieving prolonged brand exposure).

The first episode reached a peak audience of 7.3 million views and was the highest series opener in four years.

Second Place: Mr President - Greenpeace 'Cats Save Tigers'

Greenpeace wanted to generate awareness of their Save the Tigers initiative, and reach a younger audience not familiar to Greenpeaces work.

The idea? The biggest cats online, save the biggest cats in the wild.

On July 29 2014 – International Tiger Day – Mr President launched a cat video with a mission. The world’s favourite social felines, including Lil Bub, Princess Monster Truck, Nala Cat, Spangles and more, came together to save the tigers on International Tiger Day.

The Cats Save Tigers film is not just cute, but carries a serious message too – that there are only 3,000 tigers left in the wild today and, without serious action, these beautiful big cats are threatened by global extinction.

That’s why the biggest cats of the Internet took it into their own paws to save the biggest cats in the wild. Encouraging all cats around the world to join the cause and share the message on International Tiger Day.

The video and supporting Cats Save Tigers ‘meme’ maker were loved and shared around the world. Generating a reach of over 47 million, with 6,243 buzz mentions of the campaign coming from huge influencers like YouTube’s official channel on Twitter, People Magazine and 90s music legend MC Hammer.

As well as over 200,000 likes on Instagram photos. Greenpeace reached a completely new audience to call on for their continuous work and upcoming initiatives to save the tigers.

E3: The Royal Navy

E3 redefined the Royal Navy’s digital design strategy, conducting extensive research to become fully immersed in the Navy’s story, and to fully understand their target audience through behavioural and pattern analysis.

E3 designed a content-first, responsive website that focuses on telling the Royal Navy’s story through adaptable content, where diverse, responsive blocks determine the site’s look-and-feel. The UX and design backbone is a highly connected taxonomy that enabled the serving of content blocks, providing the audience with small, digestible messages.

With a mix of full-bleed imagery and moving image, the design is distinctive but never overpowering, offering stimulating content to connect to young recruits. The written and visual content is both bitesize and shareable, yet as immersive and informative as the audience chooses, giving them a 360° view of what life is like in the Royal Navy.

In just six months, site views went from 271,946 to 459,967 (up 69 per cent) and video views went from 28, 439 to 45,157 (up 59 per cent).

The recruitment section of the website has recently been voted in the top three most engaging and impactful career websites by the Times Top 100 Graduate recruitment awards. It shows: applications through the website went from 17683 to 25874, which is a 46 per cent increase. Crucially, the quality of the candidates applying through the website has notably increased.

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