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‘If you’re going to do stupid things, at least become an organ donor’ states Belgium Re-born To Be Alive ads

If you are going to do stupid things that will potentially kill you, at least become an organ donor so you can save the lives of others, is the message from a campaign by Belgium not-for-profit Re-born To Be Alive.

Created by Duval Guillaume, the campaign was devised to make people aware of the fact that one donor can save up to eight lives.

However, the brain is not one of the donatable organs: something this campaign suggests is a good thing.

Sophie Jadoul, digital strategic planner at Duval Guillaume, said: “Every year people die waiting for an organ donation. The waiting list is too long. The donor list too short. The Belgian non-profit organisation Re-born To Be Alive wants to raise awareness about organ donation and make the topic more easy to discuss.”

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