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14 - 18 June

How Home Depot is building consumer love with the help of data

Ken Hein

US editor

Shavonne M Clark

senior manager of marketing

Prepaid credit card Pockit looks to BJL London for brand strategy development

Money management through prepaid cards provider Pockit has engaged BJL London to help develop its brand strategy for launch.

Tasked with combining its big brand thinking and experience of generating cut-through for challenger brands, BJL London director, Paul Bentley said the agency was “delighted to have them on board” as it continues to “identify new opportunities to develop and grow” in London.

Stephen Rowe at Pockit added: “BJL have already demonstrated the kind of strategic thinking and clear brand vision that we’re confident will be central to developing and building the Pockit brand in the UK and we’re looking forward to putting their insight into practice.”

A recent study commissioned and published by BJL which newly identified ‘The Marginalised Masses’, a post-recession consumer group characterised by 12 specific behaviours, has been influential in forming the basis of Pockit’s brand strategy which covers internal culture, product experience, distribution strategy, creative direction and comms platforms.