The Snappening: hackers expected to leak 200,000 nude Snapchat pictures

Hackers are expected to leak 200,000 nude Snapchat pictures, although the young user base of the platform means that there will be underage pictures.

Snapchat has stated in a series of tweets that the leak did not come from them, and is instead the fault of a third part app.

According to Business Insider, it is most likely SnapSaved that led to the leak, with a comment on 4chan about the files also suggesting this.

The company has warned that if a recipient of a Snap used the third-party app, all the pictures sent to them could be affected.

4chan users have said that the collection of photos includes child pornography, such as videos sent between teenagers who thought the images would be deleted within seconds of sending.

The hackers have said the pictures will be uploaded into a ‘searchable database’, with some already uploaded as ‘proof’.