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Audio in TV advertising key to recapturing attention in multi-screening landscape, study shows

By Angela Haggerty | Reporter

October 8, 2014 | 3 min read

Audio within TV advertising is more likely to recapture attention of viewers and could assist TV advertisers in the multi-screen battle for attention, according to a study by Thinkbox into how changing TV habits influence the perception of adverts.


Viewing: Multi-screening is more popular in mobile landscape

The study found that audio within advertising such as music captured and held viewer attention more effectively than other factors, and was responsible for more attention upshift – where viewers are drawn back to the TV screen after looking away.

The audio findings could be of value to advertisers grappling with multi-screening during ad breaks. The study found that picking up another device was more likely during comedy show ad breaks (82 per cent), entertainment (81 per cent), soaps (77 per cent) and documentaries (76 per cent).

Neil Mortensen, research and planning director at Thinkbox, said: “This work will continue to help advertisers optimise their TV campaigns as TV goes on the move.

“It has been fascinating to understand how technology is improving the quality and convenience for viewers and how advertising is benefiting from the relationship.”

The study found that while brand recall continues to be higher among live TV viewing at 13 per cent, on demand viewing is catching up with 10 per cent of study participants saying they discussed ads from on demand viewing.

Young people were most likely to discuss TV advertising at 12 per cent, and social TV campaigns were more effective in the evenings. Viewers found Facebook to be the best fit with social TV campaign at 31 per cent, and Twitter at 27 per cent.

The survey reaffirmed TV's place at the centre of the home in the living room as the main point of viewing, but the figures underpinned similar research showing that viewers are now more likely to vary their TV viewing both geographically and by device.

The study found that 37 per cent of people have watched TV on mobile screens outside of the home. Seventeen per cent viewed TV on a mobile device while at someone else’s house, 12 per cent watched at work, 10 per cent while travelling on business and 16 per cent on public transport.

More than half of people in the UK were found to have watched TV on a screen other than the TV set while they were in the living room.

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