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adam&eveDDB: Sony 'Demand Great'

Brand: Sony

Title(s): Demand Great

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Directors: Ben Tollett

Creative Directors: Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon

Photographer: Ben Stockley

Additional Credits: Planning Partner: Toby Harrison

Group Managing Director: Xavier Rees

Business Director: Ken Mulligan

Account Director: Britt Lippett

Account Manager: Giulia Borina

Agency Producer: Jack Bayley

Creative Producer: Hulya Corty

Media agency: MediaCom

Production company: Outsider

Director: Peter Thwaites

Light technology: Legacy Effects

Editing: Work Post

Soundtrack name and composer: ‘Nightcall’ by London Grammar

Post-production: Smoke & Mirrors

Agency: DigitasLBi

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer, UK: Simon Gill

Art Director: Richard Morgan

Copywriter: Christopher McKee

Designer: James Newson

Additional Credits: UX Director: FJ van Wingerde

Planners: Ed Beard, Bernard Valentine

Client Services: Caitlin Blewett, Jared Howe, Anna McLeod, Sophia Pace

Head of Production: Mike Clear

Creative Producer: Tobias Moellenbach, Filip Johansson

Project Manager: Aran Gray

Production Company: The Ebeling Group

Director: Lost and Found

Published: September 2014

Short Rationale (optional): The campaign encourages consumers not to compromise when it comes to their purchase decision, showcasing the details that make the difference between a ‘good’ smartphone and a truly great one. The line ‘Don’t settle for good. Demand great.’ is used across all media to highlight a range of different product benefits found in the new Xperia Z3 series.

Spanning TV, print and digital advertising, online engagement, social, retail and beyond, the campaign is developed in collaboration with leading communications agency adam&eveDDB and global marketing and technology agency DigitasLBi, and is designed to promote Sony Mobile’s range of Xperia Z3 smartphones and tablets, as well as its SmartWear.

A 60-second film, created by adam&eveDDB, heroes Xperia Z3’s ability to take incredible photos in low-light conditions. To dramatise this, the film follows a group of snowboarders as they descend a mountain in complete darkness, performing an incredible light-show. Shot in Argentina by Peter Thwaites, the film opens on droplets of light as they fall through darkness, only to reveal they are colourfully lit snowboarders creating beautiful trails of light as they glide down a mountain. All this is captured perfectly with Xperia Z3, thanks to its low-light camera capability.

The light-show technology was designed and produced by Legacy, a special effects studio based in LA. The ad features the track Night Call by London Grammar.

As part of the integrated campaign, global marketing and technology agency DigitasLBi has developed a branded content initiative featuring real life stories of inspirational individuals who use the Xperia Z3 to help them ‘Demand Great’. The series of films will be distributed via social channels across more than 30 markets, with a particular focus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Grey Spain: Pantene 'Hair Hang'

Brand: Pantene

Title(s): Hair Hang

Agency: Grey Spain

Agency Website:

Creative team: Antonio Montero, Enric Nel.lo, Nana Körke, Montse González, Alvaro González, Luke Sholer, Nicole Jaramillo

Additional Credits: Account team: Damián Lucas, Carmen Buenaga, Alireza Mohammadian

Producer team: Carmen Orbe, Ana Salas

Film producer: The Gang

Director: Carole Denis

Executive producer: Matt Grousset

Producer: Xoan Luis Cornide

Postproduction: District films

Music: Beat Music

Published: September 2014

Short Rationale (optional): Aired mostly on social media channels, the campaign features a 51” video in which an aerial acrobat performs a succession of spectacular pirouettes while being suspended only by her hair: a beautiful and impactful demonstration of its strength. “Hair Hang” speaks not only about outer strength but also about the inner strength that we need in order to fulfil our objectives, achieve our dreams and do what we really want in life.

Under the idea of, “When I couldn’t find the strength in my body, I found it in my hair,” the campaign presents Laura Lippert, a driven and unconventional woman who is always looking to go further, looking for a way to express herself and shine.

The original video was produced in English, with relevant subtitles being added according to the country where the campaign is shown.

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo: Citizen Watches 'Chasing Horizons'

Brand: Citizen Watches

Title(s): Chasing Horizons

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam/ Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Mike Farr, Tota Hasegawa (W+K Tokyo)

Art Director: Vasco Vincente

Copywriter: Evgeny Primachenko, Takeshi Amata (W+K Tokyo)

Additional Credits: Head of Broadcast Production: Erik Vergeijen

Broadcast Producer: Tony Stearns, Lars Fabery de Jonge

Digital Producer: Reiko Kawaguchi (W+K Tokyo)

Planner: Danny Feeney, Kenichiro Muraguchi (W+K Tokyo)

Head of Design: Joe Burrin

Head of Studio: Jackie Barbour

Studio Designer: Thomas Payne

Project Manager: Emma Williamson

Business Affairs: Michael Graves

Account Director: Kensuke Suemasa (W+K Tokyo)

Account Supervisor: Yoshiko Amano (W+K Tokyo)

Film Production: Production Company: Smuggler

Director: Tristan Patterson

Producer: Hera King

Executive Producer: Chris Barrett

Editorial: Whitehouse Post

Editor: James Forbes-Roberston

Post Production Company: The Ambassadors

Post Producer: Thijs Klaasen

Music Company: The Ambassadors

Sound Design/Mix: The Ambassadors

Web Production: Production Company: Grandbase Inc.

Director: Shunya Hagiwara

Producer: Yosuke Kurita (Grandbase Inc.)

Web Designer: Shinpe Yamamori (Grandbase Inc.)

Technical Designer: Yoshiaki Fujimori (Grandbase Inc.)

Interactive Designer: Junya Kojima (Superposition Inc.)

Published: October 2014

Short Rationale (optional): Citizen Watch Co., Ltd embarks on a race against time in Chasing Horizons the 84 year-old watchmaker’s first-ever global campaign.

Created jointly by Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo and Amsterdam, Citizen’s first global campaign challenged photographer Simon Roberts and ex-NATO pilot Jonathan Nicol to chase the sunset across the Earth’s time zones.

An integrated campaign, Chasing Horizons utilizes the imagery captured during the expedition in global print and digital executions. The short film by acclaimed documentary director, Tristan Patterson, portrays the story of the journey itself and is used for TV and online content. A story about people fooling time and stealing one night from the planet.

Flying in the opposite direction to the Earth’s rotation, they were able to stay in the same moment of time and experience the same sunset over and over again - but in a new location. The team continuously kept up with the sunset for one night before landing at their final destination in the Arctic Circle, with the mission ultimately resulting in a completely unique series of sunset imagery, taken at exactly the same hour and same minute, in the same day.

JWT London: Crowne Plaza 'You First'

Brand: Crowne Plaza

Title(s): You first

Agency: JWT London

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey

Creative Director: David Masterman

Art Director: James Hobbs

Copywriter: Jeremy Little

Photographer: Victoria Ling

Additional Credits: Planner (creative agency): Shekhar Deshpande & Laura Sammarco

Business Director: Will Lever

Account Director: Katherine Page

Account Manager: Lauren Nuttall

Media agency: Mindshare

Published: September 2014

Short Rationale (optional): Crowne Plaza is a brand very much in tune with the needs of the modern traveller. Each execution in the campaign juxtaposes two seemingly unrelated elements to demonstrate how the features enable guests to feel at their best. Moreover, the witty headlines and the clean, considered aesthetic reflect the uncomplicated intelligence of the brand’s products and services.

VCCP: Royal London 'We’re so yesterday'

Brand: Royal London

Title(s): We’re so yesterday

Agency: VCCP

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Marcus Woolcott, Jamie Bell

Art Director: Jonny Parker

Copywriter: Chris Birch

Additional Credits: Agency Producer: Ed Mueller

Planner: Andrew Perkins

Account Director: Joe Godsell

Media Agency: VCCP Media

Media Planner: Holly Todd

Production Company: Park Pictures

Director: Nathan Price

Post Production: MPC

Producer: Tim Kerrison

DOP: Ray Coates

VFX Lead: Bruno Fukumothi

Colourist: Jean-Clement Soret

VFX Producer: Philip Whalley

Editor/Editing House: Paul Hardcastle/Trim

Sound: Ben Leeves @ Grand Central

Published: October 2014

Short Rationale (optional): The new ad marks the next phase of Royal London’s ambitious brand repositioning, which kicked off earlier this year with a heavyweight TV, outdoor and digital campaign under the ‘We’re so yesterday’ strapline; and the launch of a major sporting partnership with the England and Wales Cricket Board.

Celebrating Royal London’s heritage as a quirky community-minded mutual, the ad once again features time-travelling narrator, Roy. On this occasion he finds himself in the epic setting of a burning medieval village which has been struck by lightning. As the villagers’ buildings burn, confused chaos ensues causing one particular villager to noisily proclaim: “We’re all gonna die!”

It’s the perfect setting for Roy to broach the subject of death, in his frank, yet humorous way – a style which feels very Royal London. As the dramatic misfortune of the villagers plays out, Roy dutifully informs us about Royal London’s life cover before jumping to the modern era to say “even if you die nowadays, Royal London will treat you with the values of the past”.

Beattie McGuinness Bungay: Thomson 'A film about a smile'

Brand: Thomson

Title(s): A film about a smile

Agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Trevor Beattie

Creative Director: Pat Burns

Creatives: Rachel Miles, Michael Tsim

Additional Credits: Director: Tom Tagholm

Producer: Fran Thompson

Executive Producer: Stephen Beierley

DOP: Martin Ruhe

Agency Producer: Gill Loftus

Published: September 2014

TBWA\London: Leisure 'Feast at your Leisure'

Brand: Leisure

Title(s): Feast at your Leisure

Agency: TBWA\London

Agency website:

ECD: Jeremy Carr

Creative Director: Simon Morris

Photographer: Julia Kennedy

Additional Credits: Media Agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD

PR Agency: Mercieca

Creative Team: Charli Plant, Laura Saraiva

Account Team: Christopher Spenceley, Eve McDonald

Strategy: Adam Stagliano, Nicolas Chemla

Project Management: Stuart Davis, Emily Mills

Art Buying: Louise Cripps, Claire Delafons

Published: September 2014

Short rationale (optional): This autumn, Leisure is launching its new integrated marketing campaign developed to create disruption and impact with its striking new advertising.

The Gloves 'Supreme'

The Gloves from Supreme on Vimeo.

Title(s): The Gloves

Agency: Supreme


Art Director: Justin Barrow

Additional Credits: Cinematographer - Justin Glynn

Post Production- Harry Davidge

Stylists - Nathalie Moore & Margot Von Tonder

Music - Ben von Wildenhaus

Published: September 2014

Short Rationale (optional): I wasn't aware of it before making the film, but now realise that there is a beautiful common thread with my relationship with Morgan. As a child I grew up knowing my Father always desired a Morgan but never really knowing why. Around the age of 9, I started buying him a Corgi model Morgan whenever I had the chance. He now has a small, but meaningful collection of models. However, I don’t think his collection ever really quenched his desire for a real Morgan...

That is until 6 years ago, when the +8 (Snowy), came into our lives. I remember him phoning me on that day but not speaking, just revving the engine and letting me shout down microphone at him! He can be a real character when he wants to be! He'd never had the money before and to be honest even if he did, he would of rather have spent it on his family than himself. He was a carpenter and a hard working one at that!

I am now 37 and with hindsight, my relationship with Morgan has been a long one, but it feels like its just getting started... My father and I took many trips together in the Morgan and I frequently take my three boys for evening rides. The boys play contentedly for hours in the car, which seems to sum up Morgan to me - it’s a vessel for creating memories...

And now? I truly understand how influential that little white car has been throughout my life.

Aardman Animations: BBC Wales 'Dylan Thomas ‘The Hunchback in the Park’'

Brand: BBC Wales

Title(s): Dylan Thomas ‘The Hunchback in the Park’

Production Agency: Aardman Animations

Agency Website:

Director: Bram Ttwheam

Producer: Helen Argo

Production Coordinator: Danny Gallagher

Additional Credits: DOP/Spark: Nat Sale

Camera Assistant: Adam Cook

Stop-Frame Animator: Inez Woldman

Artist: Morris Morgan

CGI: Modelling & Texture: Olly Skillman-Wilson

Senior Animation Supervisor: Alastair Dixon

Additional Lighting: Olly Skillman-Wilson

TD Effects: Philip Child

Post: Compositors: Bram Ttwheam, Jim Lewis, Spencer Cross

Editor: Dan Hembery

Published: October 2014

Short Rationale (optional): The poem tells the story of an isolated man who spends all his time at Cwmdonkin Park in Uplands, Swansea. Elements of the park were recreated in the Aardman studio for this production. Rockeries, underground dens and ponds were assembled there, and people - from the studio cleaner to dancers - were brought in to play various roles.

Aardman director, Bram Ttwheam said: “This project was a special proposition for me - an opportunity to dig deep into a poem that reveals more with each reading. It was a challenge to represent this multi-layered work without allowing any one aspect to dominate. I wanted to make sure that the images were as open to personal interpretation as the poem itself.”

The film features original music by John Hardy, Head of Composition at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

Grey London: Volvo 'The Swell'

Volvo XC60 - The Swell from Grey London on Vimeo.

Brand: Volvo

Title(s): The Swell

Agency: Grey London

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Nils Leonard

Global Creative Director: Hollie Newton

Creative Team: Hollie Newton / Jamie Starbuck / Howard Green

DOP: André Chémétoff / Allan “Willy” Wilson

Photographer: Gian Paul Lozza

Additional Credits: Managing Partner: Nick Dutton

Business Director: Camilla Ashenhurst

Account Manager: Mel Caplan

Agency producer: Harriette Larder

Creative producer: Glen McLeod

Planning Director: Matt Buttrick

Planner: Hayley Cannon

Production company: Academy Films

Director: Marcus Söderlund

Editor: Tom Lindsay @ Trim

Producer: Medb Riordan

Exec Producer: Lizie Gower

Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss

Post-production: Yourick Van Impe (Flame) & Aubrey Woodiwiss (grade) @ Electric Theatre Collective

Audio post-production: Aaron Reynolds @ Wave

Published: September 2014

Short Rationale (optional): The quietly epic film – a global TV campaign for Volvo’s existing XC60 model – is a shift in tone for the car manufacturer. Moving the brand into a more premium space, it introduces some of the pillars that will underpin its revamped brand positioning: ambition, simplicity, authenticity, Swedishness, and the same level of design quality and craft that goes into its cars. It represents a stylistic prologue to what is to come from the Volvo Kreativ Studio, including a high-profile, multi-faceted campaign for the launch of Volvo’s revolutionary flagship model XC90.

The film itself is about movement; about dynamism and intuitive response – the visceral, emotional experience of the Volvo XC60 brought to life. It begins in the passenger seat of the car –parked on an empty beach, radio quietly humming in the background, door left open, and a pair of shoes discarded in the footwell. Moving toward the water, the radio fades into the distance – drowned out by the sound of the ocean as we reach the shoreline… then out into the surf. Through the water, through the first tentative laps to the thundering crash of enormous waves, out into the darkness…until the water is still. Serene. A lone figure sits on her surfboard, her windswept silhouette visible only through the moonlight. Staring out toward the horizon, she’s waiting; a defiant look in her eyes.

And then it comes. The swell rises. A wave approaches, powerful and unstoppable. Adrenaline racing, we rise up. She rises up. Her arm takes one graceful, powerful swipe through the water as the wave is about to break…and then we cut. Against the black, we hear the earth-shaking thunder of the wave collapsing. The film ends with the line ‘Seek Feeling. The responsive XC60’.

The campaign is Global Creative Director Hollie Newton’s first for Grey since joining from Wieden + Kennedy last year, where she created Lurpak’s multi-award-winning Good Proper Food. It was directed by Gothenburg-born Marcus Söderlund through Academy. Print photography was from Gian Paul Lozza, best-known for capturing his subject using only ambient light. Allan “Willy” Wilson – famed for his surf films – was underwater DoP, while André Chémétoff – known for his beautiful, technical films such as Our Day Will Come by Romain Gavras and Jaron Albertin’s Sony Volcano – was DoP.

Brave: Pink Floyd 'The Endless River – Album Cover'

Brand: Pink Floyd

Title(s): The Endless River – Album Cover

Agency: Brave

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Aubrey Po, Pink Floyd

Digital Artist: Ahmed Emad Eldin

Published: September 2014

Short Rationale (optional): We’re proud to have acted as creative consultants for the recently launched cover artwork of rock legends Pink Floyd’s hugely anticipated forthcoming album, The Endless River.

After being briefed on the project, we discovered digital artist Ahmed Emad Eldin’s surreal work, and his river of clouds image was chosen from hundreds of contributions as the band’s favourite and most poignant piece to grace the album, which has been described as a tribute to Rick Wright, Pink Floyd’s keyboardist who died in 2008.

BuroCreative: Yawn 'Brand Identity'

Brand: Yawn

Title(s): Brand Identity

Agency: BuroCreative, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Roly Grant

Copywriter: Roly Grant

Illustrator: Katy Smith, Peter Ryan

Photographer: Sam Robinson, The Shop Studio

Additional credits: Designers: Katy Smith, Peter Ryan, Jonathan Jarvis

Published: September 2014

Short rationale (optional): Phone off, kettle on, pyjama time

Independent graphic design studio BuroCreative have co-founded and designed the identity and marketing material for a new luxury nightwear brand.

Yawn is a new luxury lifestyle brand co-founded by BuroCreative and retail consultant Alice Whiteley. A busy mum of three, Alice had been shopping for some feel-good pyjamas and some TLC. Frustrated by the familiar ranks of plain, stripe and check, Alice set about creating the ultimate pyjama.

BuroCreative were responsible for every aspect of the brand – starting with initial proposition and naming. Yawn was founded on the principle of “pyjama time” – time out from everyday stresses. As well as being physically comfortable, the Yawn brand needed to communicate warmth, friendliness and relaxation.

AMV BBDO: Heinz Tomato Ketchup 'Bring food to life'

Brand: Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Title(s): Bring food to life

Agency: AMV BBDO

Agency Website:

Art Director: Steve Jones

Copywriter: Martin Loraine

Additional Credits: Agency Account Man: Sam LeCoeur, Nick Andrew, Will Harvey

TV Producer: Paul Goodwin

Assistant Producer: Claire Toms

Media Agency: OMD

Production Company: Outsider

Director: Dom & Nic

Production Co. Producer: John Madsen

Post-Production Company: MPC

Audio Post-Production: Wave

Published: October 2014

Short Rationale (optional): Heinz is launching a new European advertising campaign which focuses on how the unmistakable taste of Heinz Tomato Ketchup brings food to life. The new European advertising features a collection of food moments that simply aren’t the same without Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

Ten different versions of the TV advert have been created to ensure that each reflects local tastes when it comes to eating ketchup. The UK advert sees Heinz Tomato Ketchup bringing a delicious bacon sandwich to life when the unmistakable sauce is spread onto the bread. Another of five different food moments that feature in the advert includes topping a meaty burger with Heinz Tomato Ketchup and another sees someone enjoying a classic steak, chips and salad with the sauce.

The campaign is the result of extensive consumer research conducted in key markets across Europe. In addition to the new TV advert, the campaign will also include a range of in-store promotions across Europe, and talking labels in the UK and Ireland. The campaign will also be promoted via the Heinz Tomato Ketchup Facebook page.

Service Graphics: Yoni Alter and Service Graphics 'Dotted Icons'

Brand: Yoni Alter and Service Graphics

Title(s): Dotted Icons

Headline and copy text (in English): A 25 meter long outdoor-art piece in the heart of Shoreditch seen differently from each side of the road.

Agency: Service Graphics, Chessington, UK

Agency website:

Illustrator: Yoni Alter

Photographer: Sam Scott Hunter

Additional credits: Boxpark

Published: September 2014

Short rationale (optional): St Ives Group-owned large format print specialist Service Graphics has collaborated- with graphic artist Yoni Alter to display a unique work of art that plays with the perceptions of passers-by

The 25 metre-long piece will appear at the Boxpark site in the heart of London’s Shoreditch community, displayed in the manner of a ‘magic eye’ puzzle. The banner, stretched above 10 shops in Bethnal Green Road, comprises colourful dots which turns into popular nostalgic figures when viewed from a distance.

Celebrities such as Mr. T and Michael Jackson were chosen for their iconic and distinctive faces, inspiring Alter to test the minimal amount of dots needed to depict them.

Pocknell Studio: Shetlandeli brand identity

Brand: Shetlandeli

Title(s): Brand identity

Agency: Pocknell Studio

Agency website:

Creative Director/Business Director: David Pocknell

Head of Production/Designer: Barry Lownhoff

Published: October 2014

Short rationale (optional): Shetlandeli, the Shetland-based artisan food company, has launched with branding by multi-disciplinary design consultancy, Pocknell Studio. The studio’s creative team, headed up by critically acclaimed designer, David Pocknell, worked on the project with Shetlandeli for six months to develop the brand identity and visuals for the new food business.

Pocknell Studio’s designs incorporate strong, Scandi-inspired imagery for each product which complement the over-arching Shetlandeli brand identity. Several new products have been already been developed and are scheduled for launch later this year

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