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4Chan threatens Emma Watson with iCloud naked selfie leak with a countdown timer set for this weekend

The site features a badly photoshopped image of Watson crying

A 4Chan user has threatened to publish stolen images of Emma Watson when a countdown clock hosted on a specialised website hits zero this weekend in response to the Harry Potter actress speaking out against iCloud hackers earlier this month.

The site called has issued a vague threat against the actress, which reads: "Never Forget, The Biggest To Come Thus Far”.

It is unclear whether the ominous site, featuring the branding of 4Chan, is a hoax however it would fit under 4Chan’s policy of trolling internet users on a massive scale. Similarly, during the 'Fappening' scandal a page emerged on the site urging users to 'LeakforJLaw' in what was a thinly veiled campaign to trick people into posting more nudity onto the web.

The attack is thought to be retribution against Watson, who condemned hackers who stole the private images of Hollywood celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence, from Apple’s iCloud service.

Nonetheless, internet users have rubbished the legitimacy of the site saying that if the images existed, they would have been released as part of the wider iCloud leak.

The countdown first appeared after the actress gave a speech on feminism called ‘HeforShe’ where she claimed that feminism had become an anti-men movement and that both genders should work together to strive for sensitivity and equality.

Last month, the image leaks caused a global frenzy as internet users posted the pictures to social networks - just to have them removed by administrators. Even news forum Reddit had to, for the first time ever, censor pages and ban users in a bid to stem the tide of stolen images.

This new threat will increase the notoriety of 4Chan users who are widely being held responsible for the initial ‘Fappening’ scandal which saw over 100 celebrity's iClouds hacked.

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