Scottish Independence Referendum Social Media

'Vote rigging' online petition over Scottish referendum reaches 80,000 signatures

By James Doleman |

September 22, 2014 | 2 min read

In the wake of the defeat for the pro-independence side in the Scottish referendum some Yes campaigners have taken to social media suggesting that the result may have been manipulated to ensure a No victory.


Video clips from the TV coverage of Thursday night’s historic vote are being circulated by activists in support of various online petitions demanding that the votes are recounted, with one, on, already gathering over 80,000 signatures.

However, sources spoken to by The Drum said there was a simple explanation for the video content. In one example, the man seen allegedly writing on a ballot paper, the election worker was merely noting how many votes were in the bundle. Another clip, could not be verified as even coming from the referendum vote,

A spokesperson for the electoral commission in Scotland, which was in charge of the ballot, told The Drum: “Every single count had agents present appointed by the Yes and No campaigns, watching every action, and no concerns were raised across Scotland."

Many of the accusations of vote rigging appear to originate from so-called: "truther" websites which argue that the attacks on the USA in September 2001 were the work of the American government.

Police Scotland have confirmed they are investigating ten cases of possible electoral fraud where people are believed to have impersonated others so as to cast their ballot.

Scottish Independence Referendum Social Media

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