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Absolute Radio launches 'Stand-Ups at Breakfast’ outdoor advertising campaign with Christian O’Connell and Frank Skinner

Absolute Radio has unveiled a new outdoor marketing campaign, using scrolling roadside sites, to drive awareness of the station’s flagship comedy offerings featuring award-winning breakfast show hosts Christian O’Connell and Frank Skinner.

The radio broadcaster which sees Christian O’Connell man the weekday mornings and Skinner present the Saturday morning slot will celebrate comedy in a series of roadside ads - informing commuters that the station does not only offer music and football content.

O’Connell’s weekly show currently has an average of 1.5 million listeners however Absolute Radio will be looking to grow that audience with these latest ads.

The ‘Stand-Ups at Breakfast’ campaign will also be aiming to raise consumer awareness of Frank Skinner’s morning show alongside co-hosts Alun Cochrane and Emily Dean. Large digital roadside sites which will be erected from next week across London.

Clare Baker, marketing director of Absolute Radio, said: “This creative aims to highlight and celebrate our unique breakfast proposition with Christian O’Connell on weekdays and Frank Skinner on Saturday breakfast.

"Who doesn’t need a laugh in the morning?”

The plan was booked by Starcom with creative by Albion and Photography by Bauer Media. The outdoor plan will also be supported by a digital display and social media campaign.

Absolute Radio was last December acquired by Bauer Media after the firm announced it wanted to expand its UK portfolio.