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The Scottish media's indyref story: The Scotsman, Sunday Herald, STV and Scotland's new media on how they shaped the debate

The Scottish independence referendum has presented the media in Scotland both with one of its biggest ever challenges and opportunities.

With that in mind, The Drum spent a few days in Scotland amid the peak of indyref campaigning speaking to Scotland’s biggest media organisations to find out how they’ve tackled their coverage, and charting the rise of the country’s ‘new media’; the surge of online websites funded primarily by voters themselves – to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds – which have provided the traditional media in Scotland with unexpected competition throughout its coverage.

This Drum TV film gathers the views of Observer columnist and Daily Mail writer Kevin McKenna; STV director of channels Bobby Hain and group digital editor Shaun Milne; Sunday Herald editor Richard Walker and Scotsman editor Ian Stewart; and those behind three of Scotland’s most-read online websites – Bella Caledonia, Newsnet Scotland and Wings Over Scotland.

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