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Scottish Daily Telegraph editor Alan Cochrane denies being in line for £20,000 bonus if no wins Scottish Independence referendum

The Scottish editor of the Daily Telegraph has denied he has been promised £20,000 if Scotland votes against independence.

Private Eye reported that Alan Cochrane, who runs the Scottish edition of the paper, was in line for the payment if the referendum result was 60 percent to 40 per cent No. If the outcome was closer, the magazine claimed, he would only receive £10,000.

Speaking to The Drum, Cochrane said that he had no knowledge of the alleged payment but "would take it with open arms" if it was on offer.

The Telegraph has taken a strong pro-union stance over the Scottish vote, with its Sunday edition causing controversy with a headline saying a Yes vote would be a "betrayal" of the families of soldiers who died during the troubles in Northern Ireland.

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