Microsoft drops 'Nokia' branding from Windows smartphone range

Microsoft is to drop the Nokia brand from the title of its Windows smartphone range in a bid to separate the firm from the Finnish telecom manufacturer, according to a internal document leaked by tech site GeeksOnGadgets.

The memo has alleged that future models of the confusingly named ‘Windows Phone Nokia Lumia’ range will be renamed, 'Windows Lumia', in the coming year.

On the Microsoft Mobile blog, Stephen Elop, head of devices at Microsoft, in April said: “Nokia as a brand will not be used for long going forward for smartphones. Work is underway to select the go-forward smartphone brand.”

Microsoft has been using the Nokia branding on its smartphones since it purchased the firm’s devices plant for $7.2bn in April. Additionally, future smartphones from the firm will feature the Windows logo.

On Monday, Gizmodo released an official image of the first Windows smartphone to carry the branding, the 4.7-inch GoFone GF47W from British firm My Go.

The computing giant is set to release a new portable operating system, rumoured to be Windows 9, which will be designed to run across smartphones and tablets.

Earlier this month Microsoft unveiled the Nokia Lumia 830, reportedly the last Windows smartphone to carry the Nokia name.