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Evian asks golf fans to guess the location of balls in competition to celebrate 20 years of The Evian Championship

Evian has launched an online game which asks golf fans to find balls hidden around the 18-hole championship course at Evian Les Bains, as The Evian Championship kicks off.

Running 11 to 14 September, this is the 20th year of The Evian Championship, the ladies golf tournament.

Laurence Foucher, Evian global digital manager, said: “This exciting new live young game is fun to play and a brilliant way for fans to get closer to The Evian Championships.”

Fans are invited to guess the location of the missing balls by tweeting the coordinates on a Google map of the geographical area corresponding to the Evian Championship golf course.

Laid out in grid form, in the style of childhood game Battleship, each section is numbered from 1 to 24 horizontally and vertically A to J.

Fans then tweet Evian with the hashtag #TweetTheBall along with the coordinates of where they think the ball could be (e.g. B12), with correct guesses winning an instant prize and the user being entered into a draw to win a five-star weekend at the Evian Royal Resort.

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