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Pentagram's Abbott Miller reviews his own work releasing monograph 'Design and Content'

Pentagram’s Abott Miller has surveyed his work for the first time in monograph ‘Design and Content’ where he assumes the roles of both designer and author.

The book takes readers through Miller’s numerous projects ranging from books, magazines, identities and exhibitions to environmental graphics, apps and wallpaper. In it he reveals how he “hates logos” as people are too concerned with what it looks like rather than “how it’s used”.

Clients featured in Miller’s first monograph include Harley-Davidson, the Guggenheim and Rolling Stone as well as his work as an art director and editor, most notably, with visual and performing arts foundation 2wice.

Of the book, Miller said: “The book features my work, but it’s really about how designers are constantly staging content for a reader, a user, or a consumer; the whole endeavour of design is so much about finding the forms and creating a hierarchy that will communicate more effectively or more beautifully, or shaping it in a way that is more memorable or more deeply felt.”

The projects within the book have been loosely organised by discipline with a short phrase introducing each section for examples ‘A book is a movie you hold in your hands’ (Books) and ‘Identity links pixels and bricks’ (Identity).

The title ‘Design and Content’ aims to show how a graphic designer is an intermediary between ideas, images and words.

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